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How to Use Storytelling to Land Your Dream Job

This event will help you understand the use of effective storytelling during interviews to help people land a job. Reno Perry, Founder & CEO of nexplay, will be co-presenting with a Sr. Consultant from Deloitte, Mario Arthur-Bentil.

Friday, July 31, 2020
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM (Central Standard Time)
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This event has ended.

What you will learn in the workshop:

  • Easy to use formula for telling stories in any situation
  • When and how to use storytelling effectively
  • The best way to answer interview questions with storytelling
  • Q&A

Presenters: Reno Perry, Founder & CEO of  nexplay & Mario Arthur-Bentil, Sr. Consultant from Deloitte

About Reno: Reno Perry is an 1871 member and the Founder & CEO of nexplay. Nexplay is a career advancement platform for early-mid career talent to help them land their dream job. Prior to starting nexplay, Reno worked at LinkedIn helping to connect thousands of professionals to amazing job opportunities across the globe. Reno also has relatable experience graduating in the wake of the ‘08-09 recession but was able to differentiate himself vs. his peers and land a job at Fortune 500 company.

About Mario: Mario Arthur-Bentil is a Senior Consultant with over 9 years of experience in data analysis, data management, and strategic consulting. While at the Federal Reserve, he assisted economists with research in consumer issues such as household economics for low-to-moderate-income people and mobile banking. At EY, he performed audit readiness on the U.S. Army’s large assets such as their helicopters and tanks. While at Deloitte, Mario helped the Human Resources Division of the Census Bureau by creating a dashboard prototype for HR analytics. Mario has also assisted Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) by working on a team as a developer to create an email analytics tool for HSI agents. He is currently assisting in the development of a strategic plan for combating cryptocurrency and digital financial crimes for IRS-Criminal Investigation’s Cyber Crimes Unit. Mario holds a B.A. in Economics from Vassar College, an M.B.A. from Johns Hopkins, and a Data Science Immersive Certificate from General Assembly.

How to Use Storytelling to Land Your Dream Job
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